Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chickens, Ducks, Nieces and Nephews

Hey Guys,
So, where did April go? Hmmm....I felt like she breezed in and breezed out. Her short stay was reminiscent of a daughter (or niece in my case) who visits from college for the weekend, loaded down with dirty laundry who stays just long enough to launder her clothes.

Well, at least she smelled fresh as she breezed out.

Happy, happy spring. Here the honeysuckle is in full bloom. The air around here is so pretty and fragrant I feel like God leaned down and spritzed us with eau de springtime. Isn't that nice of Him?

Some quick updates:
I'm busy working on my memoir and also some other pieces for my bi-monthly column at and my new site which should only be weeks away from debuting. I can't wait to share it with you!
In the meantime, I took a short break from work related activities tonight, to fill out birthday cards and graduation cards for some of my nieces and nephews. As I sat here writing out their cards, it occurred to me how lucky I am. One of my nephews stopped by this afternoon after work and hung out for a bit while we pruned flowers and fed and watered the chickens. There are few things I enjoy more that an unexpected visit from one of them. When the door opens or I hear them pulling up in the driveway, my heart starts to shout, "Hey, they're here! They're here!"

Mother's Day came and went this year and I'm happy to report I survived it gracefully, which truthfully, is progress from years gone by. But while I thought about the children I never conceived or birthed, thoughts of the children I do have in my life fluttered in.

As you guys know, my nieces and nephews are the stars of my life. While I see some of them more than others, they each have touched my life in one way or the other. As I sat filling out cards for them tonight, I had a vision that every time one more of my thirty nine nieces or nephews was born, God said, "Ok, angels, let's add one more to Aunt Steph's brood. I know her. Her heart is vast, she'll be tickled if we keep adding more to love."

He's right.

But yet, this time of year finds me teary. I do miss my own Mom. I ache for her so often. I want to call her to tell her I just got accepted to The Colgate University's Writers' Conference, that I'll be featured along with four of my other non-children dear friends in a story in MORE Magazine, that writing about my life growing up with her as a Mom makes me proud and teary. Instead, I shed my tears, buy a single rose to place near her urn and count the love in my heart for my nieces and nephews.

So this post is mostly an update but I would love to hear from you guys. How do you get through Mother's Day if you are suffering the loss of your Mom or if you don't have children yourself? I'd love to hear your stories.

I posted some pictures of a canoe ride my niece, Julie and I took a few weeks ago in our pond out back. Two little baby geese paddled behind us, quacking and carrying on as we paddled around in the sun. Also, the chickens love to take a dirt bath. It's the equivalent of a trip to a spa for we humans.

The animals keep me grounded. I envy the simple lives they lead and sometimes I just take a time out and watch them cackle around the yard or float with them on the pond watching them live simply. Bianca my one dog only asks for a belly rub and to be fed twice a day. Now how cool is that? I have to learn to be more like her, "Just a belly rub please."

Go out and try to see the view from the belly. Bianca loves it. It's her favorite vantage point and then come back and tell me what you saw? Deal?


  1. Thankful Mother's Day was bearable for you. I did a remembrance of my mom on my blog too for mother's day. To remember all the good things she gave me. Hugs, :O)

  2. Congrats on your writing! Darling little animals. Love the dog picture. Blessings

  3. My mom is gone and we did not have children, but we tried. On Mother's Day, though we have a wonderful church home, we don't go and drive out for a day trip, away from all things Mother's Day.

    My nieces and nephews are grown and having children of their own. I want to get involved in their childrens' lives but they're across the country. I'll figure something out. ;-)

    I wrote an essay about my mom and posted it on my blog. I'd love for you to read it. (I'm so grateful to have someone like you here.)

  4. I can see why your nieces and nephews love to come and visit! A canoe ride sounds like so much fun.

  5. Nice post Steph. The few days before Mothers Day were really rough for me and I just cried buckets! Mothers Day itself was very peaceful.
    I just love the chickens, I find them fascinating! Really! Love Di ♥

  6. Be happy ..

    I have something for you on my site. Please drop by.