Thursday, April 8, 2010

Doris, Sophia and Me: Lessons From My Mother Who Didn't Live Long Enough and My Daughter Who Was Never Born

I'm really excited to announce that for the next few months, my blog posts will feature pictures from my childhood. Now before you start asking why in the heck you should care about my photos, (see, I heard that!) allow me to elaborate.

While visiting my Dad in Florida this week, now ninety-five years old, this idea came to me.

One quiet, still, evening after everyone else went to bed, I changed into some warm,emotional courage and pulled out old photo albums, with a box of tissues my only companion. As I paged through the albums, I found photographs that are snapshots from many of the significant moments I am writing about in my memoir, Doris, Sophia, and Me: Lessons from My Mother Who Didn't Live Long Enough and My Daughter Who Was Never Born. I would love to share them here with you.

My hope is that when you stop by and take a peak at my pictures, thoughts of your own childhoods will come to mind. Please feel free to drop me a comment or even a picture or two of your own. My purpose for posting this pictorial book is to pay homage to the generation of men and women who were our mothers and fathers; to the legacies they left behind as well as provide you with a sneak peak into my memoir.

I know I am not the only woman out there who felt reduced to the likes of a ten year old little girl after her Mom died AND continues to struggle with living in a world her Mommy no longer is in.

I like when things are clear. So, this first post, starts at the very beginning. The beginning of the days when I was safe in the world...

Someone Who Watched Over Me...

My Mom, Doris
(pregnant with me and my identical twin sister circa 1966)


  1. Oh I love this photo Steph and I do know exactly how you feel. I've been doing the same thing for a few weeks now. It seems to help in some odd way. I just condensed all mom's photos last night and I've been posting some of them on the weekends. I enjoy seeing these photos so keep them coming! Love Di ♥

  2. My husband is also a twin. He was born in 1969. Did your mom know you were twins? My husband's mom did not get it confirmed, but she thought there was an awful lot of kicking going on in there. :O)

  3. It must be a Mamma thing..
    I just did a post on my Mom and I going to our local park..
    Maybe it Seems alittle silly.
    But it was just too perfect of a day out to be inside.
    I know someday...
    I will look back on those pictures and be very grateful I stopped everything and took the time to be with her.
    Your posts have been a reminder to cherish these amazing women in our lives.. for however long we have them.

  4. HI STEPH-

    Wonderful sentiments, lovely picture - and you are safe indeed. :-)

    Love Gail

  5. That last picture is so sweet. I wish there was a picture of my mom pregnant with me. However that there isn't gives me hope that maybe I am really adopted after all.

  6. Hi Girls-
    Thanks for stopping by. Gail, I appreciated your comment about being safe, and Belette, you are one funny girl!
    Diane, my Mom did not know we were twins for certain but she suspected when the doctor told her at eight months to buy what was called back then "twin insurance." My Mom seventeen years earlier lost fraternal twins. She only carried them 4.5 months so she claims she was thrilled when she found out she was pregnant all those years later and it turned out to be twins. :-)

  7. Hi Stephanie, I love learning more about others. That picture speaks a thousand words. Love it.

  8. What a wonderful idea.. happy strolling down memory lane..s...


  9. What a wonderful picture and idea. I look forward to seeing more :)

  10. Awww, this is so beautiful! Such a great idea and I look forward to seeing and reading more. Love the title of your memoir too. So deep!

  11. Isn't it cool to see a pic of your mom pregnant with you? I have one picture of my mom pregnant with me and it's mind boggling!

  12. I love that photo! Often I post old photos on my memoir blog as well. If I think too hard, I feel guilty that I'm hording the family albums right now with the pretense to scan the shots for posterity.

    What a gorgeous beginning for you.

  13. Hi Steph,

    I lost my Mom after a 5 year battle with dementia, and I also did not/could not have children. I will look forward to your book. I want to write one also, but haven't yet focused on what aspect. I like the idea of posting these pictures. I have one pic of Mom pregnant with me. She was 43 and I was to be her first girl after five boys. Thanks for the inspiration and know you are not alone in this journey...

  14. This is so beautiful.. Greatly appreciate the sentiment

    Thanks for sharing

  15. I love the picture I wish I had one of my mom pregnant with me!